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Peering with AS200983

AS200983 Peers, Directly peer with us to interconnect and exchange traffic to provide better connectivity and service. We keep our peering status updated at PeeringDB

We have a open peering policy. Check back for updates.

To peer please contact us at

Currently peering at:

FIXO Internet Exchange
VPN Tunnel on Request


We are willing to peer with any network connected to common exchange points. (Via Exchange Points or Tunnel)

Private peers must have adequate capacity to peering connection and must also have a professionally managed 24/7 NOC.

Peers must not point default route at AS200983 or use static routes to send us traffic that doesn’t match the routes we announce to you, and peers must not reset next hop.

Peers will not reset, resell, or give our next hop to others.

Completed ASN record in PeeringDB

A publicly routable ASN

One or more public routable IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space

Meeting the peering guidelines is not a guarantee that a peering relationship with AS200983 will be established. AS200983 will evaluate a number of factors and reserves the right not to enter into a peering agreement with an otherwise qualified applicant.


Both parties will monitor the health of the peering session and provide 24/7 support and contact information (including escalation points in the event of incidents).

Peers should cooperate in any case of abuse.

Peering With:

Peer: Connection via: Type: Connection speed: IPv4: IPv6:
Hurricane Electric (AS6939) KleyReX Transit 100 Mbps Yes Yes
Cloudflare (AS13335) KleyReX Peering 100 Mbps Yes Yes
Thomas Glass (AS205777) KleyReX Peering 100 Mbps Yes Yes
Marek Krolikowski trading as TaKeN (AS205593) KleyReX Peering 100 Mbps Yes Yes
Google (15169) KleyReX Peering 100 Mbps Yes Yes
Marek Ziolkowski trading as M&M Networks (AS206499) KleyReX Peering 100 Mbps Yes Yes